Monday, 22 February 2010

I Feel Fine

Had my interview at Camberwell today after a long night of re-trimming portfolio pages that got wet in the rain. It was a pretty relaxed affair and good to talk to people about your own work.

This is one of my development drawings for my poster project on St Eustace day. It's a fascinating story- Eustace started as a Roman general, but one day out hunting the stag he shot had a crucifix between it's antlers. Eustace converted to Christianity and changed his name to Eustace, meaning 'fruitful'.

He then got put through 'tests' - his wealth taken away, slaves killed by diseases, wife kidnapped by a sea captain and children kidnapped by a wolf and a bear. After all these 'tests' he had kept his faith, so got all that he loved returned to him.

Unfortunately, he then refused to take part in a pagan ritual (some versions of the story say he refused to make a sacrifice, others that he wouldn't burn incense). The romans put him to death by an ancient Greek torture device, 'The Brazen Bull'. This was a hollowed out bronze bull which the victim would be placed in, then the bull placed over a fire so they roasted slowly to death. The most intriguing and horrible invention within this device is that there was an intricate piping system in the bull's head, that turned the victim's screams of pain into noises like a bull in pain, that emmitted from the bronze bull's mouth. Nicely depicted in an artist's impression here:

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