Sunday, 6 June 2010

To The Lighthouse Poster

I've been working from the photographs I bought in Brighton to make a poster for Virginia Woolf's novel 'To The Lighthouse'. This is my first draft, without text yet.

I want to refine the actual drawing, and I would like the blue to be more of a navy blue.
What I'd like to do is have one sheet with the group of people, then a circular border surrounding them, then block colour, with two panels of text at top and bottom...maybe. But I need a photocopier for this. And then I shall go screen printing and try different colours. I was thinking white on blue coould work well- the text, the group and circular border in white, on dark blue paper.

The poster is based on something Hermione Lee wrote in her introduction to the novel- "Is the life of the Ramsays in the garden and house enclosed by the outside world as if in parenthesis, as the lighthouse is surrounded by the sea?". Thus the circle surrounded by blue.

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