Tuesday, 2 March 2010


My latest illustration project is a narrative of an extract from Lin Yutang's "The Importance of Living"- 'On Lying In Bed'. In my extract Yutang describes his delight in listening to different birdsongs in the mountains in China.

He quotes the poet Li-Liweng on why the sparrows wake up later: "The other birds have to sing early because they are continuously afraid of men's guns and children's stones during the day. These birds, theresfore, can sing at ease only before this unsufferable human species wake up from their sleep...The sparrows can, because they are not afraid, and therefore can sleep longer."

For my piece I am undecided on whether to make an animation classifying different birdsongs, or to make three large drawings taken from key images in the text. (sparrow not fearing men, a bird's heart, love-calls between birds). I have already started an ink drawing of a sparrow surrounded by toy soldiers, but I'd like to do the animation too. With only two weeks though I better make a decision.

Anyway, I thought this video was quite appropriate for my research:


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