Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Books

Yesterday Polly and I went to Deptford Market. I found some awsome books.

First up, 'Brush up your Russian- Conversations of Real Use', by Anna H. Semeonoff. This remarkable book is a series of potential dialogues you may have, should you go to Russia.

Calling at the tobaconists, nights at the opera, parks of 'culture and rest', and buying fur are all on the agenda. The whole book reads like a novel about Mr and Mrs' visit to Leningrad and Moscow. I'm trying to slowly learn how to read it from the alphabet and pronounciation guide at the back.

Second Up, 'A Lion in the Meadow' by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Jenny Williams. These illustrations are so beautiful! These scans don't really do it justice- each of these pages is part of a double spread. I will try and take some good photos some time soon to fully illustrate this.

Thirdly, 'Lawson Wood's Merry Monkeys'.

Fourthly, 'Understanding Science Volume VII- A Sampson Low Publication'. This book was too big to fit on the scanner properly, so I don't have a picture of the front cover- but these beautiful colour prints more than make up for that.

Last but not least, I found a book documenting the making of the strange 'Black and White Minstrel Show' on the BBC.

I would really love to use the information in this last book to make some sort of guide to the minstrel show, a zine of sorts. More on that to come!

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